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You lift. You stretch. You run. You bike. You swim. You decide.

Community Edition

For everyone that loves fitness and wants to on-demand. Free for Clients, PTs and Coaches. Commit to a like minded community and get a BitFitter. The platform that caters for ALL fitness fans, no matter where you are on your journey.

for Clients

Somedays you run, sometimes you cycle, other days you lift, sometimes you stretch. Everyday you are active. Imagine a gym made virtual. Join a community of like minded people. Find PT’s and Coaches to help you get the best from yourself. Discover members to communicate with that also are passionate about fitness. You ytrain your way; Classes, Whiteboards or print out your favourites. Need motivation? Try Challenges and get competative. Part of your fitness life, get started with the platform which gets you a BitFitter!

  • Completely Free
  • Follow a Programme
  • Train adhoc with Workouts
  • Find Classes
  • Find a Coach if that's what you need

for Coaches

You are a Coach. You love to help others achieve their performance and fitness goals. You base yourself (freelance) from a gym because you want to meet new clients. You showcase your talents through taster sessions, floor classes and generally being present. You put your details up on a board and your business cards on reception. How big a gym can you image? How many new clients do you dream of reaching? You have just imagined being part of BitFitter Community Edition - a virtual fitness space to showcase your best talents.

  • Completely Free
  • Showcase your Workouts & Classes
  • Publish Programmes & build a following
  • Find new clients
  • Collaborate with other professionals