Be a Bit Fitter.

Bit Fitter is the simple to use, intuitive fitness & tracking app.

It's about the training session. It's about the workout. It's about the class. It's about your fitness journey not the tech.

A completely different approach to a fitness app. And completely free. What's not to love!

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Wherever you are heading

Weight Loss

Muscle Gain

Improve Endurance

Improve Flexability

Reduced Pain

...or to Simply Tone

Bit Fitter can help. We're one of the top fitness platforms, with a unique approach. Our app is designed to help you reach your fitness goals faster, by focusing on consistency.

We have you covered

Bit Fitter is for Everyone

No matter your experience level, training purpose or expertise, you can use BitFitter to plan your sessions, record your progress and achieve your goals.

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Runners »

Take your exercise outdoors. Just starting your running journey or a competitve triathlete. Bit Fitter helps runners, cyclists, in fact all Endurance Sport fans go further.

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Gym Goers »

The gym is your place. Maybe you are new, or maybe looking for a way to take your training to the next level. Bit Fitter helps you find new ways to keep progressing.

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Home Exercisers »

The private home workout. From the high intensity of a intervals or the strengthening flow of yoga, Bit Fitter helps you keep track of your favourites and create a balanced programme personal to you.

We make Bit Fitter for anyone and everyone

Everything you need.

BitFitter as all the features. Custom exercises & workouts, Circuits, Supersets, Giant Sets, German Volume Training, CSV export, 3rd Party Integration, Printed Workouts, Pre-written workouts, Goal specific programmes,Timers, RPE, Run Sessions, Open Fitness Bookmarks, YouTube integration... and we aren't done yet!

Nothing you don't.